Production from 50 to 100 000+ pieces. Ready elements even in 14 days.

We are a tool shop and an injection moulding shop - we produce injection moulds on our own and then carry out the production of parts on injection moulding machines. We do not use intermediaries.

Our mould making technology is uniquely fast and affordable. We offer a wide range of production materials, including polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE), ABS, polycarbonate (PC), polyamide (PA), elastomers and many others. Manufactured elements are characterized by high strength and very good surface quality Check the basic list of materials with descriptions.

FastPart - our goal is to deliver plastic parts quickly. We produce moulds starting at 2 000 EUR net!

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No production limit. If a mould is destroyed, we produce a new one. No extra charge.

We guarantee very high quality and dimensional accuracy - even up to 0.1 mm. As a standard you can choose from a variety of surface finish options - high gloss, different types of mats.

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The biggest highlights of cooperation with FastPart:

  • Fast quotation, usually generated in a few hours,
  • Short lead times - finished parts in as early as 14 working days!
  • Wide range of surgace quality options
  • Keeping the dimensions compared to the design within standard 0.3 mm or higher
  • Production takes place on injection moulding machines,:, hence:
    • There are no limitations in materials
    • The strength of the components is equal to that of steel injection moulds
    • The manufactured parts do not require any additional processing - they are ready for direct use

Injection molding - our offer



Check out our online FastPart quotation system, which allows you to quickly determine your production costs. Just upload your 3D design in the popular .stl or .obj. format.

Make sure that your design is properly prepared. Use our Mold Design Guide. You can also have your design done by our experienced designers.



You can carry out the project on your own or have it carried out by an external company. Then, in most cases, subsequent changes are required in terms of our production technology. Our designer will help you to implement them.

If you want to save time and avoid misunderstandings, use our CAD design service.


Rapid Prototyping

If you wish, we will make a prototype of your product before making the mould. We will use the highest quality industrial 3D printers for this purpose.


Injection mold production

Depending on the chosen technology, on the basis of a digital model:

  • tracks are generated for the milling machine, so it knows how to move the tool in the X, Y and Z axes to quickly make the core and cavity of the mold,
  • the model is divided into parts so that the 3D printer can print it layer by layer

The next step is to form a suitable surface (gloss, matt, etc.). In this process, the appropriate tools and polishing pastes are used. At this stage, knock-outs are also cut to remove the workpiece from the mould.


Manufacture of parts

Selected material for the production of workpieces is fed into the injection moulding machine cylinder and then melted at high temperature and appropriate pressure. The resulting mass is injected into the mould in no time, completely filling it. The part is formed and then removed with knock-outs. The final stage is the packaging of the finished products.


Technological notes

In injection moulding technology we use cold and hot-channel, two-element moulds. We also allow to make simple undercuts (after prior consultation). Traces characteristic of injection moulded parts can occur on the produced pieces. If you do not know what this involves, please contact us.

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