We specialise in aluminium, titanium and plastics

Below you will learn more about the materials we process, as well as their short characteristics:

We offer the following aluminium alloys

  • PA9 / 7075 - very high hardness (190HB), very good thermal conductivity, ideal for polishing,
  • PA13 / 5083 - low hardness (75HB), high corrosion resistance, high fatigue strength, excellent for welding,
  • PA6 / 2017 - medium hardness (110HB), medium temperature resistance (120-180), good for polishing
  • 7022 / CERTAL® - very high strength and highest hardness, high dimensional stability, perfect for polishing
  • ABS - cosmetic appearance, dimensional stability,
  • HDPE - durable, impact resistant, rigid,
  • LDPE - crack resistant, flexible, impact resistant
  • PA (Nylon) - resistant to high temperatures, high flexibility, high rigidity and impact resistance, abrasion resistance, chemically resistant to greases, fats, petrol
  • PC - impact resistance, very good thermal insulation, resistance to weather conditions, resistance to high temperatures
  • PMMA (Acrylic) - high transparency, resistance to UV radiation, high resistance to inorganic substances
  • POM - chemical resistance
  • PP - chemical resistance, resistance to solvents
  • Grade 5 titanium (6Al-4V) - Ti-6Al-4V - refractory, used as "casting". Commonly used in aerospace, medical and other applications where moderate forces, good weight resistance and good corrosion properties are required.
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